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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How do you feel about today's market? What's going on in your area?

Hello Bloggers:

  Hope all is well. To get straight to the point, how do you feel about today's market? Is it a "good" or "bad" market? I've seen a lot of homes abandoned, new and old. Not to much construction going on either. However, the opportunity to buy is quite enticing and the price's are reasonable. What do you think? Good time to buy or remain on the fence? I hear a lot of different stories from the public regarding the Real Estate market. What have you heard coming from your neighborhood? How do you feel? It's ok, I can take it..lol. Feel free to express yourself and speak your mind. Do you see a market change in the near future? If so, how many years due you estimate a market full recovery? Just a few of the questions I hear on a daily bases. So I thought I would ask you the same. Your feedback will be appreciate! Go ahead and make a comment at anytime. Thanks!

Daniel Matta

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